How can I combine Wi-Fi and tethered Android on a PC?

With Speedify, it’s easy to combine your Wi-Fi connection with the connection from your tethered Android smartphone on your PC. This allows your Windows computer to use the connection from your Android phone as an additional Internet connection. 

In this article, we are going to walk you through how to do it.

Step 1: Connect to a Wi-Fi network using the internal Wi-Fi network adapter or an external USB Wi-Fi adapter. See more about how to make sure you have a Wi-Fi card installed in this article.
The network you're connecting to can be your home Wi-Fi network, a work network, or even a public network. 

Click on the computer or Wi-Fi symbol in the lower right corner of the taskbar (systray). If you’re not already connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, turn on Wi-Fi by clicking on the tile in the lower side of the pop-up menu and select your preferred network. Keep in mind, private networks may require you to enter a password before connecting. 

Step 2: Tether your Android smartphone to your PC via Wi-Fi, USB cable or Bluetooth. 
As your PC's Wi-Fi card is already connected to a Wi-Fi network, we'll describe how to tether your Android smartphone via USB below. See more articles how to tether your Android to your PC using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in our knowledge base.

2a. Make sure you have an active Internet connection on your Android smartphone - either Wi-Fi or mobile data. If you're activating Wi-Fi, make sure you don't connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC already connected to - in this case Speedify will not be able to combine bandwidths of the connection, as it's the same Wi-Fi network. 
To do this, you can usually swipe down on the notification bar and tap on the Wi-Fi and/or cellular data connection. Or, you can go to the Settings screen and toggle the switch on.

2b. Connect your Android smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. 
Go to the Network Settings area on your Android smartphone - you should find there a section on Tethering. Tap on that and toggle the USB tethering switch on.

2c. Make sure your PC connected successfully to your tethered Android smartphone. 
On your computer, the tethered connection will appear as a wired connection, having a computer icon in the lower right section of the taskbar (systray). Click on that computer icon and you should see a wired connection named “Network X” which should be connected. That is your tethered Android phone.

Step 3: Start Speedify on your PC and combine the Wi-Fi and tethered Android. When you launch Speedify, the software automatically detects the two connections. You will see them each contained in a Connection Bubble on the Dashboard.

And presto! You’re combining connections with the magic of Channel Bonding for improved speed, reliability, and security. You are now free to go forth and browse the internet, stream videos, and use your apps as you normally would.

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