What are Dedicated Speed Servers?

For organizations that need guaranteed predictability and security, higher speeds and port forwarding, Speedify can provide Dedicated Speed Servers.

A Dedicated Speed Server allows all of your clients, mobile and desktop, to use a private server that only members of your team can access. This dedicated hardware can offer higher reliability and a more predictable throughput.

The standard configuration for a Dedicated Speed Server is a minimum of 1 Gbps throughput capable and 3 TB of bandwidth a month (let us know if you would need more than that). We are responsible for software maintenance and updates to the server.

Why Use a Dedicated Speed Server?

  • Potentially much higher speeds, with up to 1 Gbps available to your team.
  • 3 TB of bandwidth per month. Need additional data? Contact Support.
  • More consistent speeds, as no one else is on your server.
  • Consistent IP address - dedicated / static IP are ideal for those who need to whitelist their IP for certain secure services
  • Port forwarding - for those who need to run a server that can be reached from the Internet
  • Guaranteed service level agreement - for each hour that your system is down, you get a day of free service.


We can host Dedicated Servers at almost any of the locations where we host today. You can order more than one server in more than one location.

How can I buy a Dedicated Server?

If you're looking to buy a Dedicated Speed Server, you can follow our guide here