What are Dedicated Speed Servers?

For organizations that need guaranteed predictability and security or port forwarding, Speedify offers Dedicated Speed Servers.

A Dedicated Speed Server allows all of your clients, mobile and desktop, to use a private server that only members of your team can access. This dedicated hardware can offer higher reliability and a more predictable throughput.

The standard configuration for a Dedicated Speed Server is a minimum of 1 Gbps throughput capable and 3TB of bandwidth a month (let us know if you would need more than that). We are responsible for software maintenance and updates to the server.


We can host Dedicated Servers at almost any of the locations where we host today. You can order more than one server in more than one location.

The Console

To add servers and monitor the Dedicated Servers in your team, log into the Teams console and select the Servers tab at the top. You will see a link to Add a Dedicated Server in the Status area of the Server page.

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