How do I buy a Dedicated Speed Server?

How to Start?

Speedify offers Virtual Dedicated Speed Servers as an add-on to the Speedify for Teams subscriptions. So if you're looking to purchase your own Dedicated Speed Server, you will first need to buy a Teams subscription.

You can do that either on our Store page, or if you already have an active Speedify plan, you can head to your Subscription Management portal, and upgrade to Teams.

Note: subscription upgrades take effect immediately. 

What are Dedicated Speed Servers?

Each Dedicated Server is a 1Gbps Virtual Dedicated Speed Server (VDSS). We will configure and maintain the private server for you and your users. A dedicated server gives you dedicated resources and capacity so you don't have to worry about competing with other users on the same Speedify server. You also get a static IPv4 address and the ability to set up port forwarding through the server. You can learn more here

If you already have a Teams Subscription:

1. Sign in to the Speedify Subscription Management portal with your email and password. 

2. If you're the owner of the Teams subscription, under Licenses, you will see an option to Manage Team:

3. Under the Dedicated Servers section, you'll see an option to Add Dedicated Server, as well as the list of your existing servers if you already have some:

4. We offer Monthly and Yearly Dedicated Servers, and the server type will default to the one corresponding with your Teams plan. (i.e. if you have a Monthly subscription, you'll have the option to buy a Monthly server, while on a Yearly subscription, you'll have both options, but it will default to a Yearly server)

5. Click the Purchase Dedicated Server Button, and the changes will take effect immediately. 

6. After you complete your purchase, look for an automated email from (make sure to check Spam, Junk, Bulk, and other folders) and let us know where you'd like to have your Dedicated Server set up. If you don't see the email anywhere, please reach out to us at You can have your server set up in any of our currently available locations, which you can check here

Note: The standard configuration for a Dedicated Speed Server is a minimum of 1 Gbps throughput capable and 3 TB of bandwidth a month (let us know if you would need more than that). We are responsible for software maintenance and updates to the server.

The server setup usually takes 24 hours after the disclosure of your preferred server location. 

If you need assistance, or have any further questions, please contact us at