How do I enable Port Forwarding in Speedify?

To use the Port Forwarding features of Speedify, you must have a Speedify for Teams subscription with a Dedicated Server. If you have a regular individual Speedify Unlimited subscription, then you can upgrade your subscription with the help of this link:

One of the benefits of a Dedicated Server is that the combination of port forwarding and the server's static IP address lets you run internet-accessible services on machines that connect to the internet through Speedify. 

Port forwarding allows computers on the internet to connect to a service that is actually running on one of your computers, which is connected to the Dedicated Server via Speedify. The client request will go to a port on the Dedicated Server, which will then send the request over the bonded and encrypted Speedify connection of the correctly connected computer.

It is only available to Speedify for Team's customers who have purchased a Dedicated Server. Requests for forwarded ports when connecting to a public Speed Server are ignored. If you request a port that is already being forwarded to another client of your Dedicated Server, then your attempt to connect fails and you are shown an error message.

To set up port forwarding, click the ☰ icon on the Dashboard to open the General Settings menu. Then click to Port Forwarding from the Session Settings menu:

Using this interface, you can add new port forwarding rules. Type a port number, select TCP, or UDP, then press enter to add another rule.

Ports 1024 through 49151 can be forwarded (either TCP or UDP). Each client may have a maximum of 20 ports forwarded.
Port forwarding is also available in the Speedify command-line interface. For computers that are acting as a server via port forwarding, it is common to use the CLI to script the commands to ensure that that right ports are forwarded to the right machine.
Port forwarding configured in Speedify will forward ports through the Speedify server to the client device running Speedify. However, forwarding ports from the Speedify client device to another device while sharing the Speedify connection is currently not supported.