How do I manage Account Settings?

The Account menu can be accessed by clicking on the account section in the middle of the Dashboard or by clicking on the account icon.

If you're logged into Speedify with an Unlimited account (as opposed to just using the free version), you'll see a few options available to you on the Account screen.

  • Manage account: You can click this to open your Speedify account Dashboard.
  • Change Password: You can change your Speedify password here. 
  • Sign Out: Clicking this option will sign you out of your existing Speedify account and drop you into a free account. From here, you can sign in to a different account. 

Statistics (All time): This options allows you to see how your network is performing over time.

  • Seamless Failovers: The number of times that Speedify Saved network connections such as downloads, streams, or calls, from being dropped during network failures or changes.
  • Data Encrypted: The total amount of network traffic that Speedify encrypted.
  • Top Download Speed: The highest recorded download speed while running Speedify.
  • Top Upload Speed: The highest recorded upload speed while running Speedify.

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