Pair & Share: Connection Settings

When you pair with a device that's sharing a connection with you, it shows up as one of your device's connections in Speedify. You can click on that connection row to see the settings and statistics that are available.

Connection Details

  • IP Address: This option shows you the IP Address and Transport Mode currently being used on this connection.
  • Network Name: The name of the Cellular connection you are sharing/receiving
  • Internet Service Provider: The name of the Internet Service Provider of the connection you are sharing/receiving
  • Adapter Name: The friendly name for this Adapter (the name of the device and type of connection)
  • Adapter Description: The actual name of the adapter on the other device, mostly just for troubleshooting


  • Share to this Device: Enables or disables sharing to the device whose adapter you selected.
  • Use this Device's Shared Connection: Select if you want your device to use or not use the connection of the device whose adapter you selected.


  • Only Use as Backup: If this is enabled, Speedify will only use the connection if there are no other available connections. You can learn more about connection priority here.

Paired Data Usage

  • Shared: The data your device shared with other devices.
  • Received: The data your device received from other devices.

Show on Dashboard

  • ON: Shows the Pair & Share Connections on the Dashboard
  • OFF: Hides Pair & Share Connections and banner from the dashboard