Pair & Share: Security and Privacy

Pair & Share is built with security in mind:

  • You only pair with devices after you give permission. You can stop sharing at any time.
  • All traffic between the devices on the Wi-Fi is encrypted. No one will be listening in.
  • All of your internet traffic is encrypted on your device so that only the Speed Server can decrypt it. This means that even if you're sending your web browsing and email through someone else's phone's Cellular, there is no way for that person to read or change any of your data.
  • Each paired connection allows the sharing of to 10Mbps per device. This is enough to enable live streaming, web browsing and video calls, but not enough to drain your entire monthly tethering budget.
  • We do not upload who you paired or shared with, what sites you visited, or the name of your device to our servers, or any third party.