Is Speedify Cost Aware?

Yes! Speedify’s smart channel bonding technology can take into account the cost of each network connection. If you click on the little bubble, which represents your Internet connection, you can set the Priority of each Internet connection to let Speedify know how it should be used:

1. On/Off: The switch at the top controls whether Speedify can use this internet connection.  Unless there's a special reason to never use a connection, you should just leave it on.

  • Priority: You can configure your connections priority. 
    • 2. ALWAYS - Speedify will always try to use this network when it is available.  Recommended for Internet connections that do not have data caps on them.
    • 3. SECONDARY - Only used when connections set to ‘Always’ are congested or unavailable. This setting is perfect if you want to use your 4G card or other costly Internet connections just when they’re needed to help keep your connectivity smooth.
    • 4. BACKUP - Speedify will not use this network, unless all the ALWAYS and SECONDARY networks are not available.  This setting is good for very expensive connections, which should only be used in emergencies.

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