What is Pair & Share?

Pair & Share is a brand new feature that allows you to easily share Cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users (devices) on the same local network.

It works almost like a turbocharged personal hotspot, but instead of just one device sharing its connection with another, once paired, both devices can share and receive each other’s connections simultaneously. The more devices you pair with, the more connections you’ll have access to.

This means the Cellular connections on other devices on your Wi-Fi network become additional network connections that Speedify can use for bonding and seamless failover!

What is this feature for?

This is really useful for users in a number of scenarios:

  • You can set your laptop or tablet to wirelessly use your phone's cellular network if the main internet connection goes out.
  • Mobile users at a sporting event can use one of the iPhone's hotspot to pool their cellular connections to allow live streaming from locations where no one phone can get a good enough connection.
  • Travelers on a train can pool their cellular connections from different operators to vastly increase their chance of staying connected while traveling through tunnels, mountains and forests.

How does it work?

Once you opt-in to turn on Pair & Share, Speedify clients will find each other on Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, like your home or office Wi-Fi. They then "Pair" and offer to share cellular connections among the devices, it's up to you if you want to accept the connection. Speedify can then use the shared cellular connections just like they were built into the computer.

Speedify can use up to 10 Mbps from shared cellular connections. This is enough to do a video conference call or live stream, but will limit users from accidentally using far more mobile data than expected.

Data shared from Cellular connections counts as tethering data on your mobile data plan.