Connecting to your Dedicated Speed Server

Dedicated Speed Servers are Speedify servers that only members of your team can access.  They are often used for increased reliability, and predictable performance.  If your team has one or more Dedicated Servers, you can easily pick among them to connect.

In the Speedify app, you can see the dedicated servers on the servers screen.  If you are a member of team with dedicated servers you will see an extra "DEDICATED" section at the top.  Select to Connect to Closest, or if your team has many servers, you can drill down into a particular region.

Once you select a server, just click the X to close the Servers screen, and Speedify will automatically connect to your new server choice.

If you select a dedicated server, you will never be automatically connected to a public server.   A user can still find the public servers directly below in the "DEFAULT" and "CHOOSE COUNTRY" sections of the server list beneath the "DEDICATED" section.

Note that on desktop platforms, you can also use the Command Line to connect to individual Dedicated Speed Servers.

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