What is Speedify for Linux (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS)?

What is Speedify for Linux?

Speedify is a bonding VPN which both encrypts all of your internet traffic for security and makes it fast with the magic of Channel Bonding!

Our unique channel bonding technology enables you to securely use multiple internet connections at the same time: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and wired connections. This means you get increased bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability. How? Once you’re connected to our global network of VPN Speed Servers, Speedify intelligently distributes online traffic between all available internet connections, so that you’ll never have to worry about buffering videos, slow streaming, or interrupted downloads again. 

What is Speedify for Linux good for?

Speedify now brings to Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS all the same features and advantages that Speedify brings other operating systems:

  1. A fast and secure VPN to protect all of your internet traffic
  2. Connection bonding, Speedify can use multiple internet connections at the same time to give you the Speed of all of them added up,
  3. Seamless fail-over, when your main internet connection stops working, Speedify can transfer your streams to another connection seamlessly, so downloads and streams aren't even interrupted.
  4. Much more: Improved performance on lossy links thanks to error correct, a Redundant mode for when reliability is everything (like streaming audio), and more

Just by being on Linux, Speedify gains some new tricks:

  1. Acting as a router to share your bonded internet connection (Windows, of course, can do that with Connectify Hotspot MAX as well).
  2. Running on tiny devices like the Raspberry Pi lets you put bonding in your backpack. This is great for streaming in the real world (IRL).

How do I get started?

  1. Pick your device: Speedify runs on desktops, laptops, mini-computers, and servers running Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS.
  2. Get a Speedify account: Speedify for Linux is available for all paying customers, individuals, Family or Teams. There is no free tier on Linux at this time.
  3. Install and Configure Speedify: https://support.speedify.com/article/562-how-to-install-speedify-on-linux

How do you control Speedify on Linux?

There are three different ways to configure and control Speedify on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS:

  1. On a device with a display, you can install the Speedify user interface (the "speedifyui" package), which gives you the same user interface that is available on Windows and macOS.
  2. On all devices, you also get the Speedify command line interface ("speedify_cli"), which gives you the ability to do everything that you can do through the user interface from a command prompt.
  3. Finally, there is also the optional Python API for controlling Speedify. This lets your scripts control Speedify, changing settings, running speed tests, logging stats, notifying you of connects and disconnects, etc. The package is available at https://github.com/speedify/speedify-py