How can I share my Speedify connection on Linux via Ethernet (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS)?

Speedify can be configured to share the VPN connection as an Ethernet router that other devices can join. 

Configuring Speedify as an Ethernet Router

Configure the sharing options in /etc/speedify/speedify.conf . Make sure you have root access by using the sudo  command. You can edit the config with nano, in that case, the command would be as follows:

sudo nano /etc/speedify/speedify.conf

To share over an ethernet interface eth1, set:


Where eth1 is the interface that will connect to the client devices. For Raspberry Pi users, "eth0" is typically the built-in Ethernet port but on newer versions of the Pi it could also be "end0". On Ubuntu, the built-in interface will be different depending on the hardware you have. You can run the "ifconfig" command in the terminal to see the names of your adapters.

Note that you can only share over an Ethernet port that is not connected to an internet source. Pick one ethernet card to share with your client or client devices, and it must not be one of the ones that are connected to the internet already.

If sharing over an ethernet connection, those are the only options you need to configure. You can adjust the sharing subnet and DNS settings, if desired.

Once you have configured the sharing settings, save the file (if you are using nano, hit ctrl+O and press enter to save). Exit the text editor (nano) by hitting ctrl+X and then run:

sudo service speedify-sharing restart

The first time running this after enabling sharing might take a little while so that Speedify can install and configure the necessary packages. Subsequent starts should be much quicker.

Stop Speedify Sharing

To stop using the Ethernet for sharing, configure the sharing options in /etc/speedify/speedify.conf .


You will need to restart the Speedify service for the change to take effect.

When you start sharing, Speedify will automatically set the SHARE_INTERFACE to the NEVER priority, so that Speedify will ignore it and not use it as an Internet connection. If you disable sharing and want to use the SHARE_INTERFACE as an Internet connection again, change it back to another priority. For, example, you can set eth1 to Always:

/usr/share/speedify/speedify_cli adapter priority eth1 always


On Ubuntu, Speedify uses Network Manager for sharing. If you are using Ubuntu Server, it doesn't come with Network Manager installed, so you will need to install Network Manager for the sharing feature to work. To do this, run:

sudo apt update sudo apt install network-manager

Newer versions of the Raspberry Pi might have the built-in Ethernet interface labeled as "end0" instead of "eth0"