How can I share the Speedify bonded connection on Linux via Wi-Fi?

Speedify can be configured to share the VPN connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot that other device can join. 

Configuring Speedify as a Hotspot

Configure the sharing options in /etc/speedify/speedify.conf.

To share over a Wi-Fi interface wlan0, set:




Configure the desired SSID and password.

By default, Speedify will create a 2.4 GHz hotspot. If your Wi-Fi adapter supports 5GHz, you can change:


To adjust the Wi-Fi channel:


Speedify will default to channel 1 for 2.4GHz or channel 36 for 5 GHz

To specify the country code Wi-Fi, set:


You should set this to the correct country to comply with your local regulations for wireless networks.

Make sure you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network as a client, as this may stop the sharing from starting.

Once you have configured the sharing settings, save the file and then run:

sudo service speedify restart

The first time running this after enabling sharing might take a little while so that Speedify can install and configure the necessary packages. Subsequent starts should be much quicker.

Stop Speedify Wi-Fi Sharing

To stop using the Wi-Fi for a hotspot, configure the sharing options in /etc/speedify/speedify.conf.


You will need to restart the Speedify service for the change to take effect.

When you start sharing, Speedify will automatically set the SHARE_INTERFACE to the NEVER priority, so that Speedify will ignore it and not use it as an Internet connection. If you disable sharing and want to use the SHARE_INTERFACE as an Internet connection again, change it back to another priority. For, example, you can set wlan0 to Always:

/usr/share/speedify/speedify_cli adapter priority wlan0 always

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