Can I use Speedify on my router or internet switch?

Speedify can be used on certain router devices. There are two types of devices: supported Linux devices and distributions or Windows computers with Connectify Hotspot.

With a paid account, you are allowed to share your Speedify connection with other devices. However, it's meant as a personal product. If your volume of sharing reaches hundreds of GB per month (like you're putting an entire company online), or if you need speeds well above 100Mbps on a sustained basis, we will offer to help move you to a Dedicated Server which offers you a static IP address, port forwarding and a dedicated 1Gbps+ of bandwidth on the server-side.


Speedify on Linux supports Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS on both ARM and AMD/Intel processors. This gives you a number of devices that can act as a router for your network. However, Speedify does not support OpenWRT or DD-WRT or MIPS processors at this time, so not all Linux routers are supported.

A couple of strategies that make sense:

  1. Use a PC or server-class Intel or AMD device running Ubuntu as your router.
  2. Use a Raspberry Pi or Odroid or other similar SBC as an inline bonding device. Connect your internet connections to the RPI or Odroid, and then use the Linux sharing options to share the connection, via Ethernet to the WAN port on your main router.


Your Speedify connection can be shared through Connectify Hotspot. Connectify Hotspot is a virtual router software for your Windows PC or laptop. With Connectify Hotspot, you can transform your PC into a real Wi-Fi hotspot or a wired router. Share your computer's Internet connection as Wi-Fi or through wired Ethernet with any computer, mobile device, gaming console, etc. You can also share over Ethernet to the WAN port of an existing router and use that to manage the rest of your network.

To set up Connectify Hotspot to use Speedify's bonded internet connection GO TO THIS LINK.