User Management

Speedify for Teams gives you one simple interface to manage your billing and distribute Speedify licenses to your team.

Once you've signed up for Speedify for Teams, you can add and remove users from the Speedify Account Management screen at

Adding Users

To add a new user when you have some available accounts remaining, just click Add User.  You will be prompted to enter the name and email address for the user.  The user will be emailed an invitation to set their password, and instructions on how to install the software, and login.

You can also add users in bulk via the "Add Users by CSV" button. If you select this option, you get a dialog which offers you the ability to download a sample CSV file.  Select that option.

Once the CSV file downloads, open it with a program such as Excel or a text editor.  

You can see it is already filled in with some sample rows.  Delete these rows and enter the email address, first name and last name for each user you are adding.  Save the file (if in Excel, make sure you keep the CSV format), return to your browser and select the Choose File to upload your file, then select "Add Users by CSV".  All of the users will be added to your team and sent invitations.

Changing Quantity

The quantity is the number of users that are you paying for on your account.  If you have already assigned all of your user accounts, you can easily add more to your subscription by clicking the Change Quantity button to add additional users to your monthly or yearly bill.

Removing Users

To remove a user, click the Revoke on their row in the user table. 

Checking Usage

On each user's row are several statistics:

  • Last Used - When was the user last seen connected to a Speed Server.
  • Usage - How much data has the user sent and received during this month.
  • Minutes - How many total minutes has the user been connected during this month.

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