How do I uninstall Speedify on macOS?

If you are looking for instructions on uninstalling Speedify on macOS installed through the App Store, please click here.

If you have downloaded and installed Speedify for MacOS directly from the Speedify Download page, and not the Apple AppStore, follow the below steps to fully uninstall the app:

Step 1. Locate the Speedify menu on the top bar of your screen.

Step 2. Click the Uninstall Selection or press command (⌘) U

Step 3. This will bring up an alert asking if you wish to uninstall Speedify from your Mac. Click “OK”

Step 4. Your Mac will alert you Speedify would like to make changes. Type in your password and click OK.

Step 5. You will receive an alert stating the Speedify Service has been uninstalled. The application will quit. You can now drag the Speedify Application to the trash to complete the uninstallation after this window closes. Click OK.


Step 1. Click on Finder and then locate the Go menu on the top bar of your screen. Click on the Applications Selection or press Shift/Command/A.

Step 2. Locate the Speedify app and drag the icon to your trash can. Empty the trash and you have completely uninstalled Speedify from your Mac. 

You have successfully uninstalled Speedify :-(