How do I uninstall Speedify on macOS from the App Store

After installing Speedify from the macOS App Store the application creates a directory for each process and also a shared directory. When a user uninstalls, macOS leaves those directories behind so a user does not lose local data. 

First, open Finder and go to your Applications directory. Right-click Speedify and tap delete. This moves the Application into the trash can. Empty the trash can. 

Now in order to remove the left over directories open your terminal and type each command.

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.connectify.Speedify

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.connectify.Speedify.PacketTunnel

rm -rf ~/Library/Group\ Containers/

Note: If you see any messages that the "action is not permitted" in the Terminal when you run the commands above, you might need to go to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Full Disk Access and enable full disk access for the Terminal app.

Finally, on macOS Monterey and lower, go into your System Preferences > Networks and remove the Speedify extension by clicking on it, then hitting the minus (-) symbol and confirming by clicking Apply.

On macOS Ventura and above go to System Setting > VPN and click the information (i)

And select "Remove Configuration"