How do I check my Speedify data usage?

Depending on the Speedify plan you choose when you sign up for the service, there may be a limit to how much data you can send through the Speedify Speed Servers. If you're on a Speedify plan with a monthly data cap, and want to keep track of how much data you've used at any given time, you can always view this information on the Main Screen. You will see a usage meter that lets you know how much of your data plan has been used, and how much data you have left. You can even see how many days you have left until your data resets.

Note that Speedify measures the data sent on all your connections, while you are connected to a Speed Server.  Thus, there is little relationship between this number and the data cap with your carrier.  

If you're interested in how much data you've used on each connection (such as Wi-Fi vs Cellular), you can click on the little bubble at the top, which represents your Internet connection, to see more details on the individual connections. You can also view this information under Monthly | Daily pane by scrolling to the right or clicking on the right arrow. 

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