How to improve your gaming experience with Speedify?

Gaming is one of the most enjoyable activities online in which you can do anywhere! What ruins the experience is occasional lags, disconnection, or even worst, high response time or ping! With Speedify, you can add more connections and combine them so you can get the most reliable gaming experience!

In this guide, we will show you some steps on how to improve your gaming!

1. Channel Bonding

Combining multiple internet connection is something where Speedify shines! Is your Wi-Fi too slow and gives you high ping? Do you have another internet source that you can use to improve your games? No worries! You can use Speedify to combine multiple connections as long as you have the right setup. We have guides for Mac and Windows on how you can add more connections for a more stable gaming session. If you're combining multiple connections and you want to ensure that you're still within your data limits or you want to manage how Speedify use your connection, you can go to this link

2. Slow speeds or low response time/ping

If you're experiencing slow speeds or high latency, try setting your Transport Mode to UDP or TCP Multiple. Setting your Bonding Mode to Speed Mode or Redundant Mode will improve your gaming latency. You can check THIS GUIDE on what to check to improve your internet speeds when using Speedify.

3. Results

Some ping-sensitive games are FPS, so we tested two famous FPS games with and without Speedify. You will see a drastic decrease in response time or ping (ms) with our tests below. During this test, we tested the games with a low speed Wi-Fi connection. Because of the lower speeds, the response time and ping are high. 

We then added a high-speed cellular 4G internet connection with the slow Wi-Fi connection through Speedify's channel-bonding technology. Speedify will combine both Wi-Fi and 4G connections to create a more solid gaming experience. You will see fascinating results as listed below.

75ms ping on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without Speedify's channel bonding

42ms ping on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Speedify's channel bonding

48ms ping on PUBG with Speedify's channel bonding

840ms ping on PUBG without Speedify's channel bonding