How can I use my App Store or Play Store purchase on my Mac or PC?

Many Speedify users make their initial purchases on the Apple App or Google Play Stores. After purchasing a Speedify subscription through one of these stores, you'll be prompted to register your account with an email address and password. This is necessary if you wish to use your Speedify account on multiple devices, like your Mac or PC. (In fact, you can use Speedify on up to 5 devices simultaneously!) 

  • If you made your purchase via the Google Play Store, click this link to view how you can restore your Google Playstore purchase.
  • If you purchased Speedify via the Apple App Store, click this link instead.

If you skip the initial prompts, you can register your account at a later date by clicking either in the account area in the middle of the Dashboard or on the user icon. Then, select Complete Registration from the menu that appears. 

You will then be able to fill in your registration details. The email address entered here will be used as your Speedify login, so please double check it for errors before continuing. Once you’ve entered and confirmed your password, you can click the Sign In button to finish the registration process.

You should now have a Speedify account that you can use to sign in on any device!