Settings: Privacy

At Speedify we respect your privacy. If you have questions about our policies, please read our Privacy Policy. We do not log IP addresses, sites, or data that you send or receive through the Speedify service. 

You can access Privacy Settings by tapping on the ☰ icon from the upper left-hand corner of the Speedify Dashboard. This will bring up the General Settings screen, where you will find Privacy listed.


As a VPN, by default Speedify runs encrypted, securing all of your traffic on its way to and from our Speed Servers. This stops your internet service provider or hackers from seeing what you're doing online. Turning encryption off can offer a tiny speed boost (3% or so), but we recommend leaving this on to stay safe.

DNS Service

With the recent release of Speedify 7.4, you can set a custom DNS server to use with your VPN connection. Different DNS services have unique features, which can be helpful. Out of the box, Speedify supports several popular DNS services, all with their own strengths:
  • Auto — Speedify’s DNS server will automatically handle your DNS for maximum speed and privacy
  • Quad9 — Internet and privacy centric DNS provider.
  • CloudFlare  the new privacy-first DNS service
  • OpenDNS — DNS service with built-in phishing protection
  • AdGuard — a DNS service with a built-in ad blocker. Websites that serve ads can’t be looked up, leading to fewer ads in web pages.
  • Custom a DNS server of your choice by IP address.

DNS Leak Protection

Protects you from "DNS leaks", where DNS requests could go around Speedify and reveal your actual location to sites you visit.

IP Leak Protection

Protects from "IP Leaks", where IP requests could go around Speedify and reveal your real location to sites you visit. 
NOTE: this feature has been removed from the MacOS and iOS versions of the app starting with Speedify 12.5. 

Internet Kill Switch

Speedify Internet Kill Switch can prevent your sensitive data from going without encryption if Speedify cannot connect to the speed servers. By default, the Internet Kill Switch is disabled. If Speedify is disconnected and the Kill Switch is enabled, your computer will have no Internet access. The Internet Kill Switch is only available on Windows, Android and iOS.


We know many of the most popular streaming services to block VPN traffic. With Speedify's Bypass feature, you can allow traffic to these trusted streaming services to bypass the VPN while keeping the rest of your online activity encrypted.