How to change the Apple ID Single Sign On (SSO) for Speedify

Apple provides an option not to share your real email address with a website when you are using AppleID to log in. Although this is very useful in terms of privacy, if you registered an account with us with your real email address and attempted to use Apple's private email relay, our system won't know that this private email is related to your real email address and you will have trouble signing in.

Here, we have detailed the steps needed to clear out the email which Apple has registered for your login with Speedify:

1. Login to your apple account via

2. Click on the button named "Sign in with Apple"

3. Select "Speedify" in the list that pops up

4. Verify that you have chosen the correct email to stop associating with Speedify and click on "Stop using Sign in with Apple"

5. Confirm once more by clicking on "Stop using"