Do I need multiple Internet connections?

You don't need multiple Internet connections to benefit from Speedify as Speedify is a VPN that encrypts and secures any internet connection.

It is true that the single most amazing feature of Speedify is the way that it lets combine multiple Internet connections together into a single, faster connection.  This gives you the speed and reliability of all of you connections combined.  Or, you can set one of your connections as a Backup, and have an instant failover, giving you increased reliability without using a lot of extra bandwidth.

But even if you only have one Internet connection,you can still get a ton of value out of Speedify:

  • Security (VPN): Speedify encrypts all of your traffic going to and from our Speed Server.  This means that no one on the same Wi-Fi hotspot or even at your internet service provider can see what sites you're visiting, or what you're uploading or downloading.
  • Geolocation:  Because your traffic flows through our Speed Servers you can "appear" (to IP address tracking) to be wherever our servers are.  We have servers in 12 countries and growing.  And we're faster than any ordinary VPN.
  • Faster Speeds on Wireless Networks:  Speedify automatically detects and retransmits lost packets before other programs notice they're missing.  On network connections that drop 1% or more of your data packets, this can be a large speedup just for using Speedify

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