Can I use Speedify on the Raspberry Pi?

Absolutely! Speedify runs on the Raspberry Pi and several other, similar devices.

Raspberry Pi (and Raspberry Pi-like) devices and operating systems we've tested with:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B with Raspberry Pi OS(32 bit)
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Raspberry Pi OS (32 bit)
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Ubuntu Mate (64 bit)
  • ODroid N2 with Ubuntu 18.04 (64 bit)

We have no commercial relationship with any of these companies. We're just looking for great hardware to bond internet connections together. 

The list above just happens to be the devices we use often. You are not limited to only using those devices. If you have a device with an arm or x86 processor that can run a Debian-based Linux distribution, it will likely work with Speedify.

We put together some useful tips from using Speedify on the Raspberry Pi which might prove helpful.