What types of Internet connections can I use with Speedify?

Speedify can take advantage of almost any internet connection to which your computer can to connect, including DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G devices, and tethered smartphones. As long as your computer can receive an IPv4 address, Speedify will use it.

If your device or network requires additional configuration (such as running dialer software for mobile broadband networks or logging into captive portals on Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks at hotels or airport) you have to perform the required steps before Speedify can use that connection.

On your smartphone, you can easily combine Wi-Fi and Cellular. Depending on the smartphone, you may also use other connection types (such as wired Ethernet), by plugging a dedicated USB adapter into your phone. You can also use Pair & Share to easily share Cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users (devices) on the same local network, without the need for additional cables or adapters.

On a computer, here are the most frequent internet connection types you can use with Speedify:

  • Wi-Fi: from routers that connects to the Internet via DSL, cable, satellite, fiber; public Wi-Fi hotspots; Wi-Fi tethered phones.
  • Wired Ethernet: from routers or modems that connects to the Internet via DSL, cable, satellite, fiber.
  • Tethered phone: either through Wi-Fi Hotspot or connected directly via USB tethering.
  • USB network adapters: USB to Wi-Fi network adapter, USB to cellular data network adapter, USB to Ethernet network adapter.
  • Cellular Connections using Pair & Share: Pair your iPhone or Android to your computer, and share the phone's Cellular connection so you could enjoy better speeds and added stability on your computer! No additional cables or adapters needed!