Can I Combine Connections Without Being Connected to the VPN Servers?

If you're looking to combine 2 or more connections with Speedify and not be connected to any VPN server - this isn't possible. The way channel bonding works (the technology that is behind Speedify) is that network packets are split across multiple connections and sent to a remote online server, where they are "reassembled" and synchronized.

You can, however, disable the encryption in Speedify if you want to eliminate the overhead from encryption. If you do this, it might help get a slightly better speed and latency, according to our tests.

There are load-balancing routers and software that allow you to use multiple Internet connections without being connected to a server. For an application that opens multiple simultaneous sockets, such as web browsers and torrent downloaders, load balancing can work very well for utilizing multiple connections. However, if you are looking to improve streaming video, voice calls, file uploads, or other single-socket activities by using multiple connections, load balancing will not help, because a load-balanced socket can only be put on one Internet connection at a time. In addition, load balancing will not allow you to seamlessly failover between connections if one stops working.

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