What is Speedify for Families?

With Speedify for Families, you can share your Speedify account with up to four family members or friends, all for less than the price of two individual Speedify accounts! Your loved ones will get the same great Speedify experience that you have come to depend on—without breaking the bank. 

Once you buy, you gain access to the Speedify for Families Dashboard. Here, you'll be able to invite members using their email addresses. They will then receive an email with detailed instructions on how to get started, including a link to sign in.

Each Speedify for Families user receives Speedify Unlimited, for use on up to 5 of their personal devices. 

If you want to change the members of your family, you can remove users and add more at any time. 

Sounds great, how do you sign up?

If you already have a Speedify Unlimited account, log in to Account Management and select "Upgrade Plan!"

Otherwise, you can purchase a Speedify for Families subscription from the Speedify Store.