Speedify Interface Warnings and Icons Explained

Are you familiar with the Speedify user interface? If not, get the crash course training in this article.

Along with those interface elements, you may encounter some other icons while using Speedify--in the lower right-hand corner of a Connection Bubble. See the screenshot below. 

Disabled - This means that the specific connection is disabled. Learn more about how to enable/disable your connections here.

Overlimit and Not Used 
 - This shows when you reach the data limit (daily or monthly) you set for the connection and Speedify stops using that connection. You can learn how to change these data limits here.

Overlimit and Throttled 
 - This appears if you reach the data limit (daily or monthly) you set for the connection, but chose to let Speedify continue using your connection at a rate of 200 Kbps. Learn how to change these settings here.

Rate Limit Applied 
 - This appears when you have set a rate limit for a connection (i.e. limit to 5 Mbps) 

Warning - This shows if a specific network adapter (Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) is experiencing a problem. 

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