Installer Command Line Options

The Speedify installer for Windows supports several command-line options. To use any of these options, run the installer from inside an Administrator command prompt.


This specifies that the Speedify user interface should not be run when the installer finishes or after the computer reboots. The user interface is still installed but is simply never automatically started.


This option causes the install to run, completely without user interaction. It is not "silent" in the sense that windows and progress bars will be visible, but no interaction from the user is required (or allowed)


This sets the language which the installer uses. Can be one of "en", "ar", "de", "es", "fr", "pt", "ro", "ru", "tr", or "zh". Eg: /LANG=en

Other settings in the software, such as the username and password, can be set after installation by the Speedify Command Line Interface.