Can Speedify Make my Hotel Internet Connection Faster?

Speedify can be very helpful for improving your internet experience when you are using a hotel or airport Wi-Fi network:

  • Security! When you're running Speedify, all of the traffic between your computer and the internet is encrypted. This means that the Wi-Fi operator or hotel cannot see what sites you are visiting, and they cannot inject annoying ads into your browsing experience.
  • Faster Performance: In many cases, public Wi-Fi hotspots are overwhelmed with too many users, too little bandwidth, and too large an area to cover. In these situations, Speedify's error correction can be a lifesaver. In some cases, it can double your speed.
  • Combine another Connection: If you also tether your phone to your computer, Speedify can combine the public Wi-Fi with your cellular internet, and can give you combined speed and reliability of both.

Don’t let slow Wi-Fi get you down or make business trips a hassle. Let Speedify be your travel buddy, whether you’re traveling for work or on a family vacation.