Introduced in Speedify 12.5 the Reconnect feature will appear in the Speedify app as a pop-up dialogue providing you a number of options for reconnection, as an effort to make sure that you are always covered by Speedify!

Note: The feature is currently only fully available on Windows. 

The Reconnect dialogue has the following options:

  • Try Another Server: this may be a good option in case you're having trouble with one specific server. Choosing this option Speedify will try to connect to you the a new server. 
  • Reconnect in 2 hours: Speedify will automatically reconnect you to your last used Server after 2 hours of choosing this option. 
  • Reconnect tomorrow: Speedify will automatically reconnect you to your last used Server the next day (5AM your local time) after choosing this option. 
  • Don't reconnect: Speedify will remain disconnected, and will not automatically reconnect. You will need to manually connect to Speedify again. 
  • Get Help: this will lead you to our Speedify Support page, where you can find answers to all sorts of questions regarding the service.