Bonding Mode

The Bonding Mode setting in Speedify decides how your connections are used: whether they're being actively bonded, used redundantly, or both. You may want to adjust this setting depending on what you're using Speedify for. 

Speedify has two Bonding Modes: Speed and Redundant. And a third option to help with your streams and online calls: Enhance Streaming, which is an add-on to Speed mode and is enabled by default as it's the recommended setting. But you can change to Redundant Mode or Speed mode only, and disable Enhance Streaming instead if you feel they suit your needs better. 

Enhance Streaming Mode

Speedify uses Enhance Streaming Mode by default to maximize the speed and reliability of your streaming traffic (video calls, audio calls, live streaming, etc.) by intelligently using both bonding and redundant traffic to get the best performance from your available internet connections. It will prioritize your Streaming traffic over any other traffic, and will intelligently switch between active bonding and redundancy depending on what your connections need. Do keep in mind that this mode can use extra data and battery to help deliver a better streaming experience. 

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Speed Mode

Speedify intelligently distributes your web traffic amongst all available internet connections in order to deliver optimal speed and performance. We recommend this mode if maximizing your connection speeds is your main priority.

Redundant Mode

Speedify will operate at the speed of the fastest single internet connection and use additional data in order to deliver an ultra-reliable connection. When using Redundant Mode, each packet gets sent simultaneously over multiple connections and whichever packet gets through first, is the one to be delivered. Please note that this mode uses more data and more battery, so most users are better off on Speed mode.

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