How do I Change Connection Names in Windows

Speedify uses the connection names your operating system (Windows) provides. This can occasionally result in some unhelpful and ugly results. Thankfully, it's easy to change these names by modifying them in your Network & Sharing Settings.

1. Open your Windows Settings, and click on the Network & Internet icon.

 2. Click on Status on the left side, click on Change adapter options on the right side.

3.  Right click on the network connection (ex: "Wi-Fi") you want to rename, and click/tap on Rename

4. Type a new name (ex: "My Wi-Fi") you want for the network connection, and press Enter. (see screenshot below)

5. When finished, you can close Network Connections and Network and Sharing Center if you like.

NOTE: At this time it is not possible to change your connection names on macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android - but we are investigating adding functionality within Speedify to accomplish that.