Speedify VS Company VPN

When looking at VPNs, there are two main types of VPNs:

A Corporate VPN, also called a Business VPN or a Company VPN, allows employees to securely and remotely connect to the office network as if they're physically present in their office. This is especially helpful to users who want to access files or resources that are only available in their company intranet. This type of VPN is built to protect and ensure the company's resources against persons that are not within their organization. This is also the case with most government institutions or universities that use these kinds of VPN services to their employees or students. Normally, company VPNs can monitor, filter, or log their employees' or students' network activity.

An Internet VPN is focused on securing your connection to the Internet. It encrypts your Internet traffic and sends it through a VPN server in the cloud to prevent devices on your local network, or even your ISP, from seeing the contents of your traffic. This can be helpful if you use public, unsecure networks, such as coffee shop Wi-Fi, or if you don't want your ISP or local network administrator seeing what you are doing on the Internet. Some people also use this type of VPN to connect to servers in other countries to access local content.

Speedify is an Internet VPN that allows you to improve your internet security by encrypting your connection. Speedify also allows you to access websites that are not locally available to you. However, what sets Speedify apart from other Internet VPNs is that Speedify is able to utilize multiple Internet connections at the same time. Speedify is not a Corporate VPN, meaning it does not provide services for connecting into a company network. However, Speedify can be used by companies and businesses as a tool for their remote workers to improve their Internet experience.