Can I use multiple gateways on the same network with Speedify?

Some users ask whether they can have Speedify combine multiple Internet connections that are accessible over a single network interface using multiple gateways. While this functionality isn't offered within Speedify, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this type of setup using Speedify.

Speedify identifies different networks by the network interfaces that the computer sees. In order for Speedify to use the different gateways, it needs to see a different network interface for each one. There are a couple of options for doing this:

1. Multiple adapters connected to the same network

One method is to connect multiple adapters to the same network and configure each one with a different gateway address. For example, you could use USB ethernet adapters to add more adapters to your computer and allow it to connect to the network multiple times.

2. Virtual interfaces

On Linux (and possibly some other operating systems), it is possible to set up virtual interfaces and use VLAN tagging to have multiple virtual interfaces send over the same physical network interface. Each virtual interface would direct to a different gateway, but all traffic would go over a single physical connection. In this case, you configure Speedify to use the virtual interfaces, but tell it to ignore (Set to NEVER) the physical interface.

This link discusses creating virtual interfaces in Ubuntu:

Managing the VLAN traffic within your network is outside the scope of this article.