How can I combine DSL and Cellular?

Need a faster DSL connection? Don’t have access to any other form of broadband Internet connection that is faster (cable, fiber)? Then we recommend using your mobile phone’s 4G LTE cellular data connection together with your existing DSL connection. This will get you a faster and more secure Internet connection when you need it.

1, Make sure you’re connected to your DSL Internet, either via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. For best results, we recommend using the wired Ethernet connection, as the Wi-Fi signal is variable.

2, Setup your 4G LTE cellular connection: either tether your smartphone via USB or connect a USB cellular adapter. See instructions below on tethering:

3, Start Speedify and log in using your subscription credentials. Speedify will detect your active DSL and 4G LTE Internet connections and show them on the screen.

4, Choose a server for Speedify to connect to and combine the DSL Internet link with your tethered phone connection. By default, Speedify will connect to the fastest server, but you can choose a specific location as well if you need to unblock restricted content.

5, Set the 4G LTE cellular connection on a Secondary priority and specify a daily or monthly data cap. You don’t want to exceed your quota and pay more, so Speedify will just cut the use of the tethered phone data connection once you’re done for the day/month. However, if you have an unlimited data plan, feel free to set the 4G LTE cellular connection priority as “Primary”.

Enjoy a faster Internet with Speedify, as it combines your DSL Internet link with your 4G LTE cellular connection for their aggregated bandwidth and speed. When both symbols light up in the Speedify interface, that means they’re connected and online, and Speedify is bonding the two.

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