How do I add Internet connections on Linux (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS)?

Congratulations, Speedify is connected and working on your Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS device! Now it's time to set up some more internet connections so you can see the magic of Channel Bonding in action.

Speedify can use any internet connection that works on your computer: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, tethered iPhones, tethered Androids—whatever can get you online, Speedify can bond. However, Speedify does not get you more connections; it's up to you to add connections before Speedify will recognize and use them. Let’s look at some of your options for adding connections to your Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS:

Remember, when combining connections, you should use independent internet connections. Connecting multiple times to the same internet connection (for example, through wireless and Ethernet) will usually not improve your speed.