How can I change DNS?

With Speedify, you can set a custom DNS server to use with your VPN connection. Different DNS services have unique features, which can be helpful. No matter which DNS service you choose, the DNS requests will all be routed through the encrypted Speedify tunnel and appear to come from the Speedify server's public IP address.

Out of the box, Speedify supports several popular DNS services, all with their own strengths:

  • Auto–Speedify's DNS server will automatically handle your DNS for maximum speed and privacy.
  • Quad9–Internet and security & privacy.
  • CloudFlare Quad One–the new privacy-first DNS service
  • Google’s Quad Eightfast DNS from Google
  • OpenDNS Home–DNS service with built-in phishing protection
  • AdGuard DNS–a DNS service with a built-in ad blocker. Websites that are known to serve ads can’t be looked up, leading to fewer ads in web pages.
  • Custom–a DNS server of your choice by IP address.