Adding Connections

Once running, Speedify automatically detects new Internet connections as they become available. If you're on Wi-Fi already there are lots of ways to get more connections:

  • Plug in a wired network connection (Note: connecting to the same network over wired and wireless will not give a speed increase)
  • Connect a 3G or 4G USB card
  • Connect a USB Wi-Fi card so you can join a second Wi-Fi network, such as a personal hotspot.  You can join more than one Wi-Fi network, but you need a Wi-Fi card for each one.
  • If your mobile plan supports tethering, plug in your phone via USB

Please note that you should use multiple independent Internet connections. Connecting multiple times to the same Internet connection (for example, through wireless and ethernet) will usually not improve your speed. 

There are some scenarios where multiple connections to the same Internet connection can be effective. Free Wifi in coffee shops or hotels will often throttle a single connection to a lower bandwidth so that one user does not use all of the Internet connection. Using two wireless adapters to connect to the free Wifi twice can give you some extra speed.

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