Does Speedify Have an Internet Kill Switch for Windows?

Yes, Speedify does have an Internet Kill Switch functionality for Windows and Linux. It can prevent your sensitive data from going out unencrypted if Speedify cannot connect to the speed servers. The Kill Switch setting is disabled by default. When Speedify is disconnected and the Kill Switch is enabled, your computer will have no Internet access.

How to enable the Speedify Kill Switch

Go to the Setting gear icon on the main Speedify dashboard. Scroll down and you will see the "Internet Kill Switch" option. To enable it, click and select the On option.

How to disable the Speedify Kill Switch on Windows PCs
Follow the same steps as above - just make sure to select the Off option.

Important note
If you get a "No Internet access" error (you can't access the Internet) and Speedify is disconnected, check the Kill Switch status.

Learn more about the Speedify Kill Switch on iOS and Android.

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