How can I tether an iPhone to a PC via USB?

Sometimes it's more convenient to use your iPhone's Internet connection and share it with your PC. This article will show you the steps to connect your PC to an iPhone using a USB cable.

Step 1: Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows on your PC, install the program and run it.

Step 2: Activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone
To do this, tap Settings from your home screen and go to Personal Hotspot.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your PC via the USB cable. 
You should see the iPhone listed on the left side of the iTunes window, under "Devices".

If your iPhone is not detected, on your PC open Device Manager > Other Devices/Portable Devices > iPhone. Right click on it and choose "Update Driver" > Search Automatically. Windows will install the latest driver. 

If after the installation iTunes still doesn't detect the iPhone, restart your PC and try again.

Step 4: Make sure your PC connected successfully to your tethered iPhone. 
On your computer, the tethered connection will appear as a wired connection, having a computer icon in the lower right section of the taskbar (systray). Click on that computer icon and you should see a wired connection named “Network X” which should be connected. That is your tethered iPhone.

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