How can I share Speedify from an Android phone to my computer?

In order to benefit from Speedify's fast bonding VPN capabilities - fast, secure and reliable Internet - you can use your Android smartphone to share your Speedify connection to a computer

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Run Speedify on your Android smartphone.
    You can use it to combine WiFi and cellular or just with one connection, for its VPN capabilities.
  2. Install a third party tethering app for Android
    While Android does have built-in tethering capabilities, tethering through the Android settings will bypass the Speedify VPN. When using a third party tethering app, such as Easy Tether, PDA Net, etc, the tethered connection will go through the Speedify VPN.
  3. Install tethering software to your computer
    Third party tethering apps typically require a software component or driver to be installed on your computer. Follow the instructions from your particular tethering app to connect it to your computer
  4. Tether your Android phone to your computer through a USB cable.
    Once you connect and tether your Android phone using the third party tethering app, your computer should now be accessing the Internet through Speedify on your phone.

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