How can I connect my Amazon Fire TV device to the Internet via 4G cellular?

Sometimes the WiFi or wired ethernet bandwidth you get is not enough to watch UHD 4k streaming videos on your Amazon Fire TV device. That's where a good 4G cellular connection can help. As the Fire TV does not support cellular data connectivity, here's how you can take advantage of that, along with all your other connections, using Speedify to maximize your available bandwidth:

  1. Install both Connectify Hotspot WiFi hotspot software and Speedify fast bonding VPN on a Windows PC.
  2. Use all your available Internet connections on that Windows PC. These may include one or multiple WiFi connections (via internal and USB network adapters), wired ethernet connections, 4G USB dongles. Speedify will recognize all of them once you plug them in.
  3. Run Speedify and connect to the fastest server.
  4. Run Connectify Hotspot and share the Speedify VPN connection over WiFi.
  5. Connect your Amazon Fire TV to that WiFi hotspot.

You're now using all available Internet connections for their aggregated bandwidth. Enjoy UltraHD 4k streaming videos!