How do I use the Speedify for Families Dashboard?

Speedify for Families gives you one simple interface from which to manage your billing details and family members: the Families Dashboard.

Once you've signed up for Speedify for Families, you can add and remove users from the Manage Users screen, at

How to Add Users

To add a new user to your family, click the Add Member button. Enter their name and email address. They will then receive an email with detailed instructions on how to get started, including a link to sign in.

How to Remove Users

A Speedify for Family's plan includes room for only 5 users (including the admin). If you have 5 users in your family and want to add someone else, you'll have to remove a user. To remove a user, click the bin icon and then Ok to confirm. 

Note: If you purchased your Families plan through the Apple AppStore, you will be able to manage your users by following this guide.