Speedify for Teams - Servers

This screen allows you to monitor your team's Dedicated Speed Servers.

Server Details

  • Status: Is the server currently up and accepting connections
  • IP Address: The public IP address(es) of this server. Useful for firewall white lists and port forwarding.
  • Users: Number of users currently connected
  • Location: The physical location (City, State, Country) of the server


  • CPU: Processor utilization on the server
  • Memory: Percentage of host memory in use
  • Network Utilization: Traffic coming into and out of the server. "In" traffic is going to the client (a download from the client's point of view) and "Out" traffic is going from the client to the internet ("uploads")
  • Users: How many users were connected to this server in the time period
  • Uptime: This graph simply shows a 1 for time periods that the server is available and working and a 0 if it is not operational for any reason.