How to Combine Two Satellite Internet Links on Mac & PC

How to Deal with Slow Satellite Internet

Slow satellite Internet makes it hard to  stream videos, use VPNs, or even stream music and download files. There is not much you can do to increase the speed of a single satellite link.

However, you can combine two or more different satellite Internet connections into a single fast pipe that gives you a true high-speed Internet experience.

The first step is to  download the Speedify app. It’s available for both Windows and macOS machines.

Step 1: Connect your computer to the first Satellite Internet link

You need to connect your laptop or desktop computer to the one of your DSL lines. You can connect either with an Ethernet cable or through a Wi-Fi connection from your router. This works best if only one DSL line is plugged into your router.

Step 2: Connect to a second Satellite link

Microsoft and Apple operating systems will allow you to connect to separate Internet connections, but by default you will only be able to use one connection at a time.

Most machines do not have multiple Wi-Fi cards or Ethernet ports. When connecting to the second DSL line you the easiest thing to do is connect through a different way than you connected the first line. For example, if you used an Ethernet connection for the first line, connect to the second line through the Wi-Fi network from the router in which the DSL line is plugged into, or vice-versa.

Make sure you are connecting to two different DSL lines. If you connect to the same line via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, you will not be able to get a super-fast connection by combining the two because they share the same upstream connection to the Internet.

If you want to use two Ethernet or two Wi-Fi connections to two separate DSL lines you will need extra hardware (such as USB adapters and dongles for Ethernet / Wi-Fi), and in the case of Apple OS computers, a third-party connections manager.

Step 3: Bond the two Satellite links

Once your computer is connected to two separate DSL lines, you will want to use Speedify. You can  download the Speedify app here.

Speedify is a cloud based  VPN service that will combine the two different DSL lines into a single fast pipe. It takes care of managing your connections automatically.

Speedify will allow increase your bandwidth and allow you to quickly do anything from move large files to stream movies while also accessing other data intensive websites  without experiencing any slowing of your connection.

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