How to Combine Two DSL Lines Into One Connection on Mac & PC

What You Need Before Bonding Two DSL Lines

Before you get started, you will need to make sure you have all of the right hardware. Most desktops and laptops can only handle a single Ethernet and a single Wi-Fi connection at one time. If you can connect to one DSL line with Wi-Fi (via a router) and to the second DSL line through an Ethernet connection, you do not need any additional hardware. However, if you intend to use two Ethernet or two Wi-Fi connections you will need to either install a second card or to pick up a simple USB adapter that will offer you a way to connect to another Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

It is important to note that you are boding two different DSL lines. If you connect to the same DSL line through Wi-Fi and through an Ethernet connection (via the same router, for example), they will not be bonded into a faster pipe because they will share the same upstream connection.

Note: If you have a macOS device (Apple computer or laptop) you will need a third-party connections manager to handle multiple Wi-Fi connections of you are going that route.  Click here to learn more.

You will also want to  download the Speedify app.

Step 1: Connect to the First DSL Line

The first step is simple. Connect your computer to the first DSL line. You can use either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Neither Microsoft nor macOS computers can bond two different connections on their own. Instead, they use only one connection at a time. The bonding of the two connections will happen in the third step.

Step 2: Connect to the Second DSL Line

Next you need to connect your computer to the second DSL line. Again, the easiest method is to connect to one line via Ethernet and the second line via Wi-Fi. But, no matter what connection method you choose, Speedify will bond the two lines into a single pipe.

Step 3: Bond the Two DSL Lines

Once you are connected to both DSL lines, open the Speedify app. Speedify will automatically detect both connections and  bond them into a single pipe. This will give you a significantly faster Internet connection.

Because your bandwidth will be approximately double what it was when using a single DSL line, you will be able to quickly complete data intensive tasks that previously slowed your Internet connection to a crawl.

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