How do I stop Speedify from connecting automatically?

Speedify includes a "Connect at Startup" option to control whether Speedify connects automatically. 

To access this setting, click on the ☰ icon from the Dashboard to open the Settings. Then, open the Session Settings to find the Connect at Startup option.


There are two components to Speedify on Windows: a user interface and a background Windows service. Turning off the Connect at Startup will stop Speedify from connecting automatically when you start your computer, but the user interface and background service will still run.

If you want to disable the Speedify processes from running at startup, you can do:

User Interface

  1. In the start menu, search for msconfig to open the System Configuration window
  2. Go to the Startup tab 
  3. Uncheck Speedify from the startup items then apply the changes

Speedify Service

  1. Open the Task Manager and go to the Services tab (or search for services.msc in the Start menu).
  2. Locate the Speedify service, right-click and choose Properties.
  3. Change the Startup type to Manual.

Note: This will stop the Speedify service from running automatically, so you need to manually start it when you want to use Speedify. To manually start the service, go to the Services tab within the Task Manager, then right-click and choose Start Service on the Speedify service.