How to use 2 WiFi Networks Simultaneously on Mac & PC

For best results, make sure that the 2 networks you want to use come from different sources. In order to connect to 2 Wi-Fi networks at the same time, along with the Wi-Fi adapter built into your laptop or computer, you need to purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter (prices start at under $10) in order to connect to the second Wi-Fi network.

3 Steps to Use 2 Wi-Fi Networks simultaneously

  1. Connect to your first Wi-Fi network with your existing / built-in Wi-Fi adapter.
  2. Connect to your second Wi-Fi network via the USB Wi-Fi adapter. This needs a little more work on a Mac, since their operating system doesn’t support external Wi-Fi adapters natively. You need to install another wireless manager - such as BearExtender WiFi Adapter and wireless manager. It will help you connect to the second Wi-Fi network using your USB adapter.
  3. Install Speedify and combine all your available connections: our app will automatically recognize the two Wi-Fi connections and put them each in a "bubble" near the top of the interface. This means that Speedify is combining your two connections! You can view the panes at the bottom to see usage stats on each of the connections.

Note: As long as you have available hotspots you can use more USB Wi-Fi adapters. Speedify can combine them all into one connection.

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