How do I fix Error: "The Speedify Virtual Adapter is not present"?

If you see the error "The Speedify Virtual Adapter is not present" on Windows, it usually means the Speedify driver did not install properly. There are a few things you can try to get the driver installed:

  • Reboot the computer and run the Speedify installer again. Sometimes another process is locking something in Windows and the driver is not able to be installed.
  • Check that the necessary Windows services are enabled. You can check that services are enabled from the services screen in Windows. Find this screen by searching for services.msc in the Start Menu or from the task manager. Check that the following services are not disabled. After verifying that all services are allowed to run, try running the installer again.
    • Device Install Service (Windows 8 or above only)
    • Device Setup Manager (Windows 8 or above only)
    • Plug and Play
    • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Some system configurations can prevent you from installing new drivers. This is usually seen on corporate computers that have policies to prevent you from installing new software. You might need to check with your system administrator to get Speedify installed.